Warranty terms

Prices and conditions of sale are purely informative and may be modified in response to market fluctuations. However, the order is placed by filling in the purchase process, means that you accept the offered price and terms of sale currently in force at the time of purchasing. The most common way to confirm your acceptance is to include filling a check box that you must check before finalizing your order, accepting the current terms and conditions. Once the order is formalized it means that the purchase is being made, and that this purchase includes all the legal guarantees that protect you as a buyer/consumer, and from that moment the prices and conditions will have contractual character, so it cannot be amended without the express agreement of both parties.


At Ozone Gaming we offer the possibility of returning the products within the first 14 calendar days, for whatever reason, counting from the date you receive the order, providing that the products fulfill the return conditions that are set on this page.


There are cases where the possibility of returning a product you’ve bought at out website does not apply. We know that legal texts are unclear, but we have to inform you that these assumptions collects Law 47/2002 of 19 December, amending Law 7/1996 of 15 January Retail Trade. Through this reform, our legal system incorporated the provisions of Directive 97/7 / EC on distance contracts and adapted to the European Community legislation.

The assumptions mentioned in the previous paragraph are excluded from exercising the right of withdrawal and this assumptions are the following :

    1.For personal hygiene return any of the following products will not be admitted if they have been unsealed or the most minimal signs of use and / or manipulation are detected:
  • Earrings, pendants, rings or any product of body adornment that is in direct contact with the body.
  • Cups, glasses or the like.
  • Headphones of any kind.
  • Socks, caps or hats of any kind. Scarves or cover-necks. Shirts or similar that show any signs of having been used longer than necessary to verify size.
  • Shirts or similar that show any signs of having been used longer than necessary to verify size.
    2.Products with obvious signs of use or handling beyond what is necessary to verify the suitability of the product, scratches, friction or any kind of damage.
    3.Products that do not include all packaging, documentation, accessories, drivers, CDs, cables, associated gifts, etc. that they were sent with the original product and in perfect condition. P.
    4.roducts that include some sort of promotional code or associated service that has been unsealed or used by the customer.

To make a return you must contact us exclusively through the process described in the warranty section. We remind you that you simply have to log in to your User Area (My Account) and the Returns section. All merchandise must be returned in its original packaging, undamaged and protected so as not received with seals or tape transport. Otherwise Ozone Gaming reserves the right to refuse the return.

Returns must be delivered at destination within 7 days after the date of acceptance of the return..

Otherwise it will be rejected and returned. Upon receipt of the merchandise and verified that it is in perfect condition, the refund will be processed if indicated.

In case of partial withdrawal of an order, the shipping charges relating to that order shall be reimbursed in proportion to the items affected by this withdrawal.

Transport costs incurred in the return borne by the customer.

Return of payments via bank transfer will have a maximum of 14 days for administrative procedures, although we try not to delay more than 7 days.

Conditions of returns for businesses

Only returns of material without unsealing and in perfect condition will be accepted within 7 days of receipt.

Such refunds will be processed as commercial return, since there is no law regulating the rights of return between companies and these Procedures are regulated under the terms of Ozone Gaming.

The products in blister packs or heat sealing, and other products presenting a broken seal factory security, cannot be returned.

These conditions do not cancel the warranty or replacement of defective products as prescribed by the manufacturer's warranty. Ozone Gaming reserves the right to refuse the refund in case of detecting any anomaly in the returned product.

Shipping Cancellation

If you want to know what the warranty conditions we work with are, you can visit the specific section of the website where we explain this terms. Order Cancellations Order cancellations involving a return customer and that we have to arrange by bank transfer, will have a maximum performance of 30 days due to administrative procedures, but always try that the term does not exceed 7 days.


Panel manufacturers set limits as to how many defective dots (or sub-pixels) are deemed to be acceptable on any LCD panel. Ozone’s manufacturer warranty covers any defects that exceed the defect specifications described in this document. LCD displays are made of pixels. Each pixel is made up of a red, green and blue sub-pixel, each sub pixel are driven by an individual transistor. If a transistor becomes defective, the corresponding dot may be permanently light (bright) or may not light (dark). Independently of the brand and the manufacturer, it is common for one or more sub-pixels to become fixed in an unchanging state. The defective pixel/sub-pixel phenomenon is as follows:

    1. Color white: a bright sub-pixel (always ON)
    2. Color black: a dark sub-pixel (always OFF)
    3. Color red, green or blue: a stuck sub-pixel (always ON or always OFF)

The specifications for the number of defects that are deemed to be acceptable for the specified size of LCD panel is:

Panel TypeNative ResolutionBright Sub-pixelDark Sub-pixelTotal Allowable Sub-pixel
Full HD (FHD) 1920x1080 (1080p)335
Quad HD (QHD)2560x1440 px335

NOTE: Specification is subject to change without notice and may vary from different regions.

Shipping Conditions

In the section Shipping we've already talked about this but we’ll like to emphasize on this term once again: If your package appears damaged upon receipt or if you see that the box defects such as cracks, scratch, bumps or perceive that the product is opened, manipulated or disrepair simply REFUSE the shipment. In cases like this, you must notify the dealer that you reject the delivery, and make sure to specify in the delivery note the reason why you reject the package. Likewise, you should notify this circumstance within 24 hours, through an email to support@ozonegaming.com

If you accept any package in such conditions, you lose any chance of claim since we are not responsible for any damage that orders suffer during its shipping.


You have 24 hours to verify the integrity of all components of your order, and to ensure that you have everything that should be included in each product. After these 24 hours we understand that you have accepted your request so we cannot accept claims for damage during shipment or failures.

Shall be deemed delivered an order once you have signed the delivery receipt. You have 24 hours to check the products as we have discussed above, and expose all the objections that may exist.

All merchandise must be returned in its original packaging, undamaged and protected so as not received with seals or tape transport. Otherwise Ozone Gaming reserves the right to refuse the return. Upon receipt of the product in our facilities and expertise that is in perfect condition, the refund will be processed if indicated.