Why when trying to vertically scroll through a document, using the wheel / scroll mouse, this jumps or backward in the opposite direction of the wheel button?

If you have these problems, it is possible that the wheel / scroll mouse is defective. We recommend contacting your reseller as soon as possible

Although my mouse buttons and lights work properly, the mouse cursor moves with difficulties even having the same drivers installed. What can be the issue?

We recommend you try the mouse on a surface / different mat, since, depending on the color or surface material of the mat, the light reflective optical / laser sensor can vary to the point of impossible any movement of the pointer. 

However, if you have already tried the peripheral on other surfaces, having obtained the same result, it is likely that your product has a manufacturing defect. In this case, we recommend contacting your reseller as soon as possible to process warranty.

My mouse has two sides buttons on both sides of the mouse, but only two buttons on the left work. Is there any way to enable the two buttons on the right side?

Some mice of our brand are designed, ergonomically speaking, for righties and lefties. Therefore, depending on the selected (left-handed / right-handed) mode, the corresponding side buttons (see Manual MOUSE To switch between one mode to another) is activated. Also, we regret that there will be no possibility to enable / modify buttons on the right side (right-handed mode) or left (left-handed mode) depending on the mouse (left-handed / right-handed) that we have selected.

The paint of my mouse comes off. Is this considered a manufacturer defect?

Whatever the case may be, the wear of any of the products purchased from our brand not be considered as a manufacturing defect. Corrosion can be due to several reasons and, whether for environmental reasons (humidity, heat, cold ...) or for reasons of excessive or inappropriate use (sweat, drops, scratches, snacks ...), all exonerating any manufacturer.


My mousepad fabric is peeling it off the edges from the rubber base. Is that considered a manufacturer defect?

Whatever the case may be, the wear of any of the products purchased from our brand not be considered as a manufacturing defect. Corrosion can be due to several reasons, weather is due to environmental effects (humidity, heat, cold ...) or due to excessive or inappropriate use (sweat, drops, scratches, snacks ...), it will all be exempt from liability from the manufacturer. Therefore, note that the constant rubbing of the forearm against the edges of the mat, can lead to (eventually) such imperfections.

How do I clean my mousepad if it gets dirty?

It is not recommend to wash the mousepad surface, since by doing so, it is likely that fabric rubber pad off, which may result in the disablement of the product.


What should I do if I plug in my headset and I get no sound through it?

First, make sure you have all motherboard drivers (sound card and USB) properly installed.
• Next, check that you have the correct default audio output by accessing: "Control Panel" -> "Sound". Once here, depending on the interface or the type of connection of the headphones, we can find two cases:
1. If your headphones have a JACK connection, you must predetermine the sound card to which you'll connect these headphones and set it as the playback "default device".
2. If your headphones have USB connection, make sure predetermine the appropriate device. For this, we recommend going by right-clicking on each of the devices and selecting "Test"; until you finally find the proper one. If you have tried to connected the USB headsets on all ports on your PC, but the device does not appear in the list of devices or the operating system shows the error message "USB device not recognized"; we recommend reading the next question.
If you believe you have made the relevant evidence and still do not hear the sound correctly, we recommended to try on another PC / device to rule out a possible problem of software / hardware of your computer before proceeding to contact your reseller to process the warranty.

What should I do if some of the audio channels are not working?

On this case, you may need to contact your reseller to process a warranty of your headphones. However, we recommend test its performance on another computer to rule out any hardware / software of your own.

What should I do if after instalIing the drivers I experience a compatibility error?

In such cases, it is likely that the version of the software included on the CD when you purchased your headphones, is obsolete. We recommend you to download the latest version from our website. We can assure that our headsets are compatible with the latest versions of Windows, version 7 (x86 / x64) or 10 (x86 / x64).

What can I do if my microphone distorts or if the sound is too loud even when it's set on the minimum level?

We recommend you to disable the Automatic Gain Control (AGC) for that you just have to access to "Control Panel" -> "Sound"; and then you have to select the tab "Record" after that you have to click with the right button of the mouse to access to Recording ''Properties" of your headphones.

How can I connect my headphones to a tablet, mobile phone or a notebook / laptop with a single audio jack port?

For this, you should purchase a 4-pole jack splitter.

Also, please note that probably the sound played in a notebook / laptop with a single jack port input / output, will not play properly if your headsets are not prepared for this type of interface, for these devices would be necessary to use a 4-pole splitter, otherwise, the microphone will not work and the sound will play with a poor quality.

Similarly, for the opposite case, if your headphones come with a single connector jack 4 pole and you want to connect to a computer / PC inputs and outputs separate audio, you must use the splitter that comes bundled with headphones.

How can I use my USB Headsets on a PS4?

Unless stated otherwise, most of our USB headsets are compatible with PS4. To configure it you only have to follow a simple steps:

1. Go to Settings (Settings / Settings)> Devices (Devices)> Audio Devices (Audio Devices).

2. Select "USB headset" (USB Headphone Set) as "Input Device" (Input Device) and also as output device (Output Device).

3. Adjust the microphone level.

4. Select Increase / lower the sound from "Volume Control (headphone)".

5. Set "All sound" to make the sound to come out from the "Output of headphones".

• Also you can visually follow the above steps from the following link:


How can I process the warranty of my Headsets?

All products are covered by local warranty regulations. Please check with your local distributor or retailer to resolve the issue as soon as possible. We are sure they will have no problem in testing your product and proceed to replace it if they detect some defect only if this defect is attributable to the manufacturing process of the product.

· Remember that we do not repair products damage due to abuse, improper usage, water damage or other causes attributable to events outside the manufacturing process.

How can I disable the lighting of my headsets when the PC is shut down?

The USB ports on some computers remain supplying + 5V even when the computer is off. This is completely normal. You just have to enable the "ErP / EuP Ready" function from the BIOS, and change it to the mode "S4" and "S5" to solve this problem.

Therefore, we recommend that you access the "Power Management" (Power Management) section in the program BIOS settings and if your motherboard allows it, enable the "ErP / EuP Compliance" option, "Deep S5 mode" or "2013 Eup".

Why when I connect the headphones to my PC, the system reportst "USB device not recognized" even when I have the drivers installed?

If after several test attempts you still not hearing the sound properly, we recommend trying the headphones previously on another PC / device to rule out any software problem before proceeding to contact your reseller to process the warranty.


Why is my keyboard turning on and off constantly?

You may be experiencing a problem related to the lack of amperage that your plate is able to supply through the USB ports. This can be due to some manufacturers that to reduce costs, use the same bus 500mA to supply power to part of the electronics and also all USB ports on the motherboard. This translates into a greater number of USB ports in the eyes of the consumer and, in turn, in a small savings for the manufacturer. This can be frustrating, but in theory, always guarantee you a minimum of 100mA negotiable up to 500mA, although, in practice, probably will not get much amperage of USB ports on your computer. This problem has several solutions:

1. You can connect a HUB USB ports fed by a power adapter, but should be careful and make sure the HUB comes with a power adapter that is decent, that is, capable of delivering at least 1A .

2. You can install an expansion card USB 3.0 ports for PCIe fed with Molex to SATA or ATA devices.

3. Using a USB splitter.

Also, we recommend that you disable the "Settings USB selective suspend" its Windows operating system in the "Advanced Settings" from his energy plan.

Why the media keys are not working?

Our keyboards have a number of keys that allow access to some of the multimedia capabilities of our Windows operating system to facilitate our work and sometimes avoid having to quit a game to perform. Such functions as up / down / mute the volume, pass / rewind / stop a song, open the default media player in our system ...; They are only possible if we have the right service enable our Windows operating system. In case you can not access these functions, you should check that the service "Access to Human Interface Device" (HidServ); our Windows operating system is enabled. To do this, there are several ways to check: 

1. Press the key combination "Windows" + "R"; and type "services.msc" (without the quotes).

2. Following the following path: "Start" -> "Control Panel" -> "System and Security" -> "Administrative Tools" -> "Services".

Then we locate the service: "Access to Human Interface Device"; and double click the left button on it to view the properties. Once inside, the first tab that appears ( "General"), select the "Startup type": "Manual"; and finally press the button "Start".

NOTE: Note that in Windows 10 the service name has changed and must look under the name "Service Human Interface Device".

Why, every time I connect my PC keyboard, the system warns me that "USB device not recognized" even when i have the drivers already installed?

If you believe you have performed the relevant evidence and still can not use your keyboard correctly, we recommended to test it on another PC to rule out a possible problem of software / hardware of your computer before proceeding to contact your reseller to process a warranty.

Why when writing, sometimes there are letters that are repeated?

Note that our keyboards have a very short response time. When writing, as some beats, although we do not realize, they are longer (in milliseconds) than others, the operating system can interpret that has left the key pressed and, as result, repeat a series of characters two or more times. This can correct lengthening the "Repeat delay" of the characters on your keyboard from the operating system. We can access these properties from "Start" -> "Control Panel" -> "Keyboard".

What I can do if the keyboard does not light up or if the lighting quits on one of the keys?

In this case, it would be recommended to restore the default keyboard settings (or factory) from the program configuration. 

If you have already restored configuration, but the keyboard still does not light, we recommended to test it on another PC to rule out a possible problem of software / hardware of your computer before proceeding to contact the reseller to process warranty.