Rec X50

Rec X50

  • Electrode condenser capsule
  • Omnidirectional and unidirectional
  • Elegant and stable tripod stand
EAN: 8436532169489

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Rec X50

Ozone Rec X50

Complete your set-up with the Ozone REC X50 and give your streamings a professional touch thanks to this microphone that combines high quality sound with a functional design, perfect for achieving professional studio recordings in your streaming sessions, podcasts or voiceovers.

Studio quality

Enjoy excellent quality audio and record your voice or any other sounds with total clarity thanks to its capsule with electrode capacitor that gives it an optimal frequency response (20Hz - 20KHz), recording a professional sound in both omnidirectional and unidirectional applications.

In addition, with the Rec X50 you can select either of these two settings directly from your dial, immediately adapting your microphone to the type of recording you want to register: Omnidirectional (record 360º audio) or Cardioid (sound from a single direction, such as the voice).

Versatile and functional design

A compact and minimalist design made of durable materials and with smooth finishes that create an elegant and discreet look, the Ozone Rec X50 is also equipped with a steel tripod that acts as a rigid and stable support so that it remains fixed in place during recordings.

It features a USB connection and a 3.5mm audio output on its base, and an LED indicator circling the dial, which varies according to the chosen configuration.

Plug in and record

Enjoy your Rec X50 on any platform as it's compatible with PC, PS4, PS3, MAC and Android. Just select the recording mode by turning the dial and its LED will indicate whether it's in cardioid mode (green light), omni mode (blue light) or mute mode if the indicator is in the middle (red light).

Turn your room into a professional studio with the Ozone Rec X50!

Tech Specs

  • Connection type: micro USB to USB
  • Cable lenght: 1,5 m
  • Size: 290 x 180 x 180 mm
  • Weight: 450 g (w/ cable)



  • Oro Profesional Review

    Oro Profesional Review

    Nos aporta una voz clara, sin aparatos sonoros ni distorsión alguna. Además, en ambientes ruidosos también se ha comportado de forma excelente, ya que el rango de lejanía de captura es de 1,5 metros.

  • Oro HardZone

    Oro HardZone

    Un micrófono al alcance de todos con una calidad de audio al alcance de pocos.

  • Recomendado Newesc

    Recomendado Newesc

    Su rendimiento es formidable en cualquier situación y dispone de 2 patrones para adaptarse a nuestras necesidades de grabación. Sin dudas es un buen dispositivo a la altura de otros micrófonos con más reputación.

  • Recomendado (Game IT)

    Recomendado (Game IT)

    Ozone pone ante nosotros un micrófono que a buen seguro cubrirá nuestras necesidades para hacer streamings de calidad sin tener que hacer un gran desembolso, dándonos una captación de voz clara.