Rage Z90

Rage Z90

  • 5.1 Real surround sound
  • Ergonomic design
  • Detachable microphone
EAN: 8436532173011

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  • 3 Years WARRANTY

Rage Z90 Get Real 5.1 Sound

Get Real

Immerse yourself in a stunning surround sound with our new Ozone Rage Z90 Headset. True 5.1 surround technology that will make your games, audio and films sound amazing. Enjoy the latest generation of games and multimedia like you never did before. 

Detachable Microphone with Illuminated Mute Notification

If you are not using the mic to communicate with your game-mates, a microphone only bothers you. Ozone has solved this making it detachable . You are free to use it only when you find it necessary.


High detail channel separation for a 3D experience. Reveal the hidden details in your favorite games and experience the real gamers' atmosphere.

Ozone's Atmosphere

An eye catching illumination that allows you to create your own gaming environment.  An aggressive style with a stunning look to face all the battles that you will have in your gaming sessions.  

Premium Comfort

Robust, ultra-light, and comfortable metalic headband, this is a headset that is built to last and suitable for intense gaming sessions.  In spite of its features and 5.1 speakers, its weight is 392gr. Allowing you to stay comfortable during long gaming session.   The ear cups are built with eco-leather on each earpad, including a memory foam that adapts perfectly for a unique fit. Thus providing a highly comfortable experience. 

Avanced Inline Controller

It provides total control over your audio, change the volume of every speaker to fully customize your audio experience.  Rage Z90's controller includes a Magnetic base so it never gets in the way.  

Configuration Software

With RageZ90's ultimate Software you will be able to configure your headsets to your needs with EQ presets for different types of games (FPS, MOBA, RPG) and other advanced options such as Dynamic Bass, Audio Enhance and much more... Download the Software and enjoy.

Tech Specs

  • Front Speaker

    • Impedance32Ω
    • Frequency response20Hz-20KHz
    • DimensionsΦ40mm
    • Max input40mW
  • Central speaker

    • Impedance32Ω
    • Frequency response100Hz-10KHz
    • DimensionsΦ30mm
    • Maxi input20mW
  • Rear Speaker

    • Impedance32Ω
    • Frequency response100Hz-10KHz
    • DimensionsΦ30mm
    • Max input20mW
  • Subwoofer

    • Impedance32Ω
    • Frequency response10Hz-600Hz
    • DimensionsΦ30mm
    • Max input400mW
  • Microphone

    • Impedance≤2.2 KΩ
    • Sensitivity-38±3dB
    • DirectivityOmni-directional
  • LED lights: Yes
  • Cable Length: 3m
  • Plug: USB
  • Weight: 543g
  • Compatibility: PC · PS4* · PS5
  • * PS4 with USB port compatibility: The 7.1 sound and volume controller will not work. Sound will switch to stereo



  • Oro (Chapuzas informático)

    Oro (Chapuzas informático)

    "Ofrecen un excelente posicionamiento gracias a su sonido 5.1 real configurable por canales tanto por software como físicamente desde el controlador, el cual se apoya de forma muy acertada sobre una robusta peana imantada"

  • 4/5 (Conseil-config)

    4/5 (Conseil-config)

    "La qualité de fabrication est bonne, le socle aimanté accueillant la commande est très pratique et permet d'avoir les réglages à portée de main sans avoir la chose pesant sur le câble".

  • Recommended (PCFoster)

    Recommended (PCFoster)

    "To produkt, który będzie odpowiadał graczom, a także miłośnikom kina, którzy oczekują mocnych wrażeń. Dźwięk przestrzenny z prawdziwego zdarzenia stoi tutaj na doskonałym poziomie."