Chroma X80

Chroma X80

  • 4:3 72" Screen
  • Quality lightproof back coating
  • Roll up system motorized
EAN: 8436587971105

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  • 3 Years WARRANTY

Chroma X80 Automatic Chroma Key Screen

An immersive experience

With the Chroma X80 you’ll experience instant immersion, without limits. This green screen gives you the opportunity to adapt your background to different needs, being the perfect chroma key for video or photo editing, as well as broadcasting.

Creative freedom

This Ozone chroma screen offers infinite possibilities for creation, making it the best ally for your streaming and photography as well as video editing sessions, thanks to the possibility of integrating an interactive background. Your content will go to another level with this green chroma.

Excellent performance

You can easily mount the Ozone Chroma X80 on any ceiling or wall thanks to its easy anchoring system. In addition, this green chroma screen has dimensions of 1720 x 1800 x 100 mm, perfect 4: 3 proportions to give life to a unique experience. With extra height, it becomes the background you want at any time. A versatile design with panoramic dimensions for an excellent professional performance.

A green screen with automatic rolling

The Chroma X80 incorporates a novel motorized system that facilitates its unrolling and retraction. Here we have a retractable green screen that you will have ready in just 30 seconds. While not being used, the screen is neatly stored in an elegant metal box, a casing into which it automatically winds up by itself, protecting it from dust. The Chroma X80 allows for easy collapsing and retraction, as well as proper storage.

Premium materials

This green chroma screen is made of a lightweight, yet highly resistant top-quality fabric, a glare-proof material that prevents light leakage. Being made of a non-reflective material, it allows you to place spotlights all around to achieve outstanding results, meaning that this green background is extremely useful for the production of videos and photographs for both amateurs and professionals.

This green background is also the perfect accessory for professional streaming, made of an anti-wrinkle fabric that is easy to clean. The solid green fabric is absolutely immaculate, providing seamless integration with your chosen background content.

Tech Specs