Battle Royale

Battle Royale

  • 16.8 million LED colors
  • Cherry MX red mechanical switches keys
  • Spanish layout
  • TKL format (no numeric pad)
EAN: 8436587971006

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  • 3 Years WARRANTY


A TKL RGB keyboard to dominate the battlefield

Battle Royale is an ultra-compact TKL mechanical keyboard with Red Cherry MX switches. This Ozone keyboard with a minimalist design incorporates RGB LED technology, and a choice of 16.8 million colors and different effects.

Spectacular RGB

During games played in the dark, Battle Royale will light you up, showing the way forward. This RGB-backlit keyboard lets you choose from its 16.8 million colors, selecting the speed, direction and brightness of its tones through its intuitive software.

Red Cherry MX switches: maximum response

The switches on this mechanical keyboard are Red Cherry MX, which respond quickly to every touch – the reason why they are the preferred keys of the best gamers. Battle Royale ensures a smooth click, pleasant to the touch, silent and very precise, guaranteeing maximum speed, and adjusting to your gaming preferences while offering the best responsiveness and showing off your skills.

Precise orders

Ozone Battle Royale is a mechanical gaming keyboard compatible with Windows, IOS, Android and Linux. This TKL with Cherry MX keys has been designed for an epic victory. Its keys have full anti-ghosting technology, so that each press is correctly registered, no matter how many keys you press at the same time.

In addition, it incorporates the G-Mode function, which means you can disable the Windows key so that nothing gets in the way, maintaining your concentration at one hundred percent. On the other hand, it also comes with 12 multimedia keys, which allow you to easily control the video and audio functions, adjusting volume on the fly without annoying interruptions. 


Through its powerful software Battle Royale allows macros to be created, giving you the ability to create shortcuts and simplifying long series of commands, which makes it easier to execute these moves and achieve victory.

Ultra-compact power

A reduced size that can be taken with you wherever you go, but also optimizing the space on your gaming table too, since the compact dimensions of this premium TKL mechanical keyboard will help you move with complete freedom in your gaming zone.

Tech Specs

  • Keyboard: Mechanical · Cherry MX (red) Switch
  • Size: 360 x 140 x 38 mm
  • Cable Lenght: 180±2 cm
  • Gaming Mode: Yes
  • Compatible: Windows / Android / Linux / iOS
  • Weight: 1230±20 g
  • Keycaps: 88
  • Connector: Gold plated USB
  • LED Backlit: RGB


  • Diamante (Razorman)

    Diamante (Razorman)

    Este modelo Ozone Battle Royale es sin dudarlo un excelente teclado para gamers, pues para ello prescinde directamente del teclado numérico y apuesta por una excelente ergonomía, reducido tamaño y una calidad de materiales sobresaliente.

  • Hardzone Gold

    Hardzone Gold

    Ozone ha encontrado ese punto medio, el equilibrio perfecto, entre un teclado económico pero clon pulsadores mecánicos. Y, además, CHERRY originales. De esta forma, podemos conseguir este teclado, de alta calidad, por 90 euros. Un precio ajustado teniendo en cuenta todo lo que ofrece.

  • Oro Profesional Review

    Oro Profesional Review

    Este teclado nos ha causado unas muy buenas impresiones ya que cumple con todo lo que promete, no hay realmente nada de lo que nos podamos quejar, y lo hace ofreciendo un buen set de características a un precio competitivo.

  • Recomendado Hardmaniacos

    Recomendado Hardmaniacos

    El desempeño es bueno y rápido, ejecutando las diferentes acciones perfectamente.

  • Calidad-Precio (GaminGuardian)

    Calidad-Precio (GaminGuardian)

    Con unos switches de calidad lineales y con una vida de más de 50 millones de pulsaciones, no podremos tener ninguna queja ni del ruido ni de la rapidez de sus teclas, así como de lo configurable de su iluminación, con más de 16.8 millones de colores, y de sus macros, contando con un software oficial que nos ayudará a ponerlo todo a nuestro gusto rápidamente.

  • Calidad precio (GAME IT)

    Calidad precio (GAME IT)

    El Ozone Battle Royale nos ofrece buenos materiales de construcción, switches Cherry MX, retroiluminación RGB y antighosting en todas y cada una de sus teclas sin dejar de lado una buena estética, gestión multimedia y un formato tan reducido como su precio